Conor McGregor, Gay Porn Star? Rosie O’Donnell’s Brother Thinks So

On Tuesday, the New York State Assembly passed a bill that lifts a 20-year ban on professional mixed martial arts. Even though it’s not in the clear just yet – Gov. Andrew Cuomo must sign the bill into law – it’s a significant development for the sport. New York was the last remaining state to legalize MMA, and UFC has already discussed holding two events there before the end of the year.


If we’re lucky, that might even include Ronda Rousey’s highly anticipated return under the bright lights of Madison Square Garden.

However, while many are celebrating the ruling, not everyone in New York is happy about it – one of the most outspoken being Rosie O’Donnell’s brother, State Assembly member Daniel O’Donnell. During a floor debate on Tuesday, he was one of several who voiced concerns about the bill – though he went about it in a rather unique way, comparing MMA to gay porn without a climax. And as the first openly gay man to be elected to the New York State Assembly, he felt qualified to speak on the

Duke Loses, Reminds Us Why They’re America’s Most Hated

When he’s not tripping opponents, Grayson Allen is shunning them after losses.


Allen, the latest in a long line of Duke players everyone outside of Durham hates, was understandably upset last night, after the Blue Devils were bounced from the NCAA Tournament by the Oregon Ducks in the Sweet 16. If it was his final game for Coach K, it was a pretty lousy one: Allen scored 15 points on 4-of-13 shooting, and Oregon handled the defending champs with relative ease.

And all of that probably played a role in him ignoring Oregon star Dillon Brooks at the end of the game.

While it’s far from the biggest scandal in sports – we probably wouldn’t even be talking about it if Allen didn’t have a history of being petty – the snub came seconds after Brooks had just gone into Stephen Curry mode by draining a deep 3-pointer when Oregon already had the game in the bag. That, coupled with some apparent trash talk during the game, was too much for Mike Krzyzewski, who supposedly gave Brooks a lecture on sportsmanship following

Ronda Rousey Losing Could Be ‘The Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me’

Maybe losing to Holly Holm wasn’t the worst thing to happen to Ronda Rousey after all.


You’d be forgiven if you thought otherwise. In the aftermath of UFC 193, Rousey all but disappeared, then resurfaced with an Ellen DeGeneres interview in which she revealed she felt worthless and even contemplated suicide. Her sister also said a part of Rousey “died” in the Octagon that night and admitted her soul was crushed. All the signs pointed to her being devastated, not upbeat about the direction her career was heading.

Now that she’s had several months to reflect on her shocking defeat, though, Rousey’s perspective has changed significantly. While at Reebok’s Luncheon for Inspirational Women earlier this week, she mentioned how everything happens for a reason and that she may look back on this being the best thing to happen to her several years down the road.

“When it comes to challenges, I honestly believe that things happen for a reason,” Rousey said. “At the time, yes, it’s hard on a personal [and] emotional level, and it’s hard to

High Quality Skate Shoes With Affordable Price

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Your All-Important Guide to Online Slot Games – and How to Maximise Your Chances

Slot machines have always been immensely popular, and it is indeed one of the simplest games you could play: all you have to do is click on a button, wait for the reels to spin, and see if you are lucky enough to win. You can play it over and over again without getting tired, as the thrill is always there.

But if you would like to make the most of your slot playing time – especially when you are playing online – you should have a better understanding of how it all works.

What you should know about online slot games

In a traditional slot machine, there are three reels which spin, and, for you to win, once the reels stop spinning, the three symbols should be identical. But online slot games are a bit more complex. Usually, online slot games are composed of five reels. Also, in online slot games, the winning pattern does not always have to be in the middle – the winning pattern can be the top row, and it can also be the bottom. It can be even be in a zigzag or diagonal pattern. Additionally, the winning pattern location can change from one slot game to

Buying the Best Fly Fishing Gear

Fly Fishing is an activity that requires high quality gear, in order to ensure that your equipment isn’t hindering your performance. With so many options, both online and on the high street, it can be difficult to assess where the best place to buy fly fishing gear truly is. And while there are many reputable places for you to try, using our tips below, you’ll be able to distinguish between the good and the best.

Choose quality


In order to buy the best fly fishing gear, you have to choose quality over convenience. If a more reputable business is a little further away, or slightly more expensive, then it may be worth considering nonetheless. When buying equipment, it can be tempting to opt for convenience over long-term practicality. However, if you consider quality and pursue the best equipment on offer, then you can certainly guarantee a better outcome. In order to find the best companies, you should consider checking online reviews, and consulting with fly fishing experts. Usually, excellent businesses will have a reputation that precedes them, so basing your decision on recommendations is a reliable way to pursue quality.

Consider your

College Sports Injuries 101

Intramural college sports are a very important part of life for many college students. Intramural sports help college students meet new friends, stay active, and continue interests they may have started in high school or middle school. As fun and beneficial as intramural collegiate sports can be, safety should always be the top priority during practices and games. Many college students have experienced injuries, some of them serious; and in some extreme and sad cases even fatalities have occurred. Safety is very important during college sports. Here are a few tips to make sure you stay safe on the playing field no matter what sport you play.

Plan for an Emergency

There should always be a plan in case of an emergency. Coaches and other players and staff should be trained in CPR, the use of an AED, and basic first aid. Phones should be available for calling the EMS if needed. AEDs and first aid kit should be readily available during all practices and games.

Warm Ups and Cool Downs

As with any other vigorous exercise it is important to warm up and cool down before and after practices and games. Warming

How Sports And Fitness Can Unite A Community

All individuals would want to be healthy. Know that there are several routines that can be performed in order to achieve a healthy and fit body. For some, they adhere to a certain diet while some comply with an exercise routine. But most health experts say that proper diet and exercise can greatly help you achieve the body you want. For other people, they hire personal trainers who can guide and assist them reach their fitness goals. These individuals believe that by getting help from experts, they can become fit and healthy in no time. No matter what kind of fitness routine you want to comply with, the bottom line is for you to have self-discipline.

Most health and fitness professionals say that engaging in sports can help you reach your fitness goals. Apart from that, sports can greatly influence you to have a positive attitude towards health. Indeed, sports can greatly influence any individual. In fact, there are already countries that treat certain sports like football as their religion. It is also through sport competitions that people with different beliefs and convictions unite. Perhaps you have also noticed that more and more movies and stories

Advantages Of Playing Social Netball

It is very stressful to work all day. All the tasks and obligations at work can certainly affect your mind and body. Not to mention, work can also affect your social life most especially if you need to invest in more time to accomplish all the work. Therefore, there are instances that even health issues may occur, which can be very dangerous. Thus, it is best to look for activities that can help you get rid of stress and troubles like social netball.

Social netball is one of the most popular games in the Land Down Under. Citizens of this country enjoy this game since individuals of all ages can. Not to mention, netball can also be played by both girls and boys. Thus it can be very challenging since males and females are equal during the game. Apart from that, playing social netball can also provide other advantages for you.

Improve physical abilities

Netball is a group game. Therefore, you need the skills and abilities to compete with others. Hence you can improve your physical abilities that can cater to your needs. For instance, muscular systems can be improved since individuals need to

Truck Driving Games Provide Fun, Exciting Entertainment For People Of All Ages

Truck games are fun and entertaining for people of all ages. The excellent graphics featured in many games makes them even more fun and exciting to play. Even though these games are very challenging it is not hard to get started. These games contain multiple skill levels. You can start at the beginner level and advance to the more challenging levels as your skills improve. You will find that you will enjoy some games more than others and in time you may have favorites.

A vast number of truck driving games are available online free of charge. These games are able to provide endless opportunities for fun and excitement with an unlimited number and variety of vehicles. Many people love these games and actually get hooked on them. Trucks are fun and challenging as they can outrun supercars and race other trucks. They can practically climb vertical inclines. They can drive through snow and ice. Many of the vehicles have fun, fantastic, futuristic looks and features which are not available in real life vehicles.

Truck driving games are available to test your online skills driving 18 wheelers. Driving 18 wheelers requires a certain amount of

March Madness, Basketball Coaching Tips How To Use Timeouts Wisely

March Madness is now in full swing.

This year’s tournament has gotten a ton of media attention. The billion dollar bracket prize promoted by Warren Buffet has gotten a lot of press and it seems like everyone has some brackets. In fact, the word bracketology has now made it into the vernacular.

Apparently, more bets are made on this sporting event than are made on The Super Bowl.

This basketball tournament is a great sporting event. Fans get to see teams and players that they may not be familiar with. There are always some surprising upsets. There have already been several overtime games in the first round.

One thing to keep an eye on which the media does not pay enough attention to is how efficient teams and coaches are after a timeout.

A good coach needs to know when to call a time out. He needs to be able to recognize when his team is out of sorts and he also has to be cognizant of the score, the momentum as well as the amount of time left in the game.

There is a lot to using timeouts wisely as

The Secret To A Great Youth Soccer Season

Want a great season? Of course you do. So what’s the secret? Getting your side to gel through teamwork.

Successful teams are a mix of good technical players, talented individuals, hard-working players, good passers, strong players, quick individuals and, most of all, teamwork. Now you are extremely fortunate to have all of these traits in your squad but you don’t have to have them all to have a successful season. However, if your team doesn’t gel into a team then you could be in for a tough time.

Your team coming together could even be the difference between an average season and a great one. So, what can you do to help develop the chemistry required to produce teamwork?

By teamwork I’m not only talking about what happens on the pitch. It is how players interact with each other whenever they are together; at the game, in training and in the locker room. But it is not only how they get on amongst themselves, but also with you, their coach.

Ideally, what you should be aiming for is the following:

– All players get along with each other, working easily together, looking

FIFA World Cup – Development Benefits for Hosting Countries

The FIFA World Cup is an international association football competition hosted every four years in different countries of the world. Besides the fact that the citizens of the hosting countries have the opportunity to view all the matches live and support their favorite team without additional accommodation and travel expenses, this event is believed to bring other tremendous advantages as well. First of all, a great influx of visitors is expected to come into the hosting country during the competition boosting the tourism in the cities where matches are held. The global media coverage is also a great method of boosting the popularity of that country becoming a long term benefit for its tourism. FIFA World Cup regulations are also quite strict when it comes to the condition of the stadiums and the safety of the participants. This means that great investments are made into the repair of the stadiums. More than that, the enhancement of the infrastructure is also counted as one of the development benefits World Cup hosting countries receive.

The competition is fierce between countries when it comes to deciding which will be the next event organizer, because the advantages and interest involved

Life Skills Taught by Youth Basketball

One of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had was coaching youth basketball. By coaching youth basketball I was able to teach children important skills. These skills included; the importance of having a good attitude, teamwork, work ethic, and communication. The skills learned by the children will have an impact on their lives far beyond the game of basketball.

The first skill I taught the children was the importance of having a good attitude. In the game of basketball, having a good attitude is very important. Without the proper attitude a player will become discouraged or angry. This could have a negative effect on the team members and make the game un-enjoyable for everyone. The children learned that having a good attitude, even if losing a game, proved to make basketball a more enjoyable experience. They learned to appreciate the game itself rather than focusing solely on winning games. This skill will allow them to have a better attitude as they grow up and face different challenges throughout their lives.

The next skill I taught the children was teamwork. Working as a team in basketball is crucial. Every player has a role that is

Brazil World Cup 2014 Soccer The Ugly Side of the Beautiful Game

As the Brazil world cup 2014 soccer progresses I wonder just how many people are aware of the disturbing facts connected to the competition; what could be called the ugly side of the beautiful game.

Part of the staging included $4.47 billion (US dollars sterling) of Brazilian tax payer’s money going to Swiss based FIFA (the Federation Internationale de Football Association), but the world cup competition is not for the indigenous people, it’s for greed driven corporations, corrupt politicians and rich tourists.

Indeed, some of us have been following the protests from outraged Brazilians complaining in cities all over the country about local and national government corruption, grossly excessive spending on the world cup somewhat to the tune of $40 billion, while underfunding essential much needed to improve on services like transportation, education and healthcare. Reports from the Ministry of Energy confirm that not far off a million Brazilians live without electricity…

Danilo Cajazeira a keen amateur soccer player in Sao Paulo is an active member of the People’s Committee, demanding that human rights stop being violated, all of which are centred on the world cup. During the building and construction of the new

What Are The First Steps To Take When Coaching Your Youth Goalkeeper

I believe that every player should take a turn in every position, goalkeeper included. After a while you will find that certain kids have a wish to make that their role and others will be naturally talented in the position.

Ideally you want a minimum of two players on your roster that are reasonable playing as a goalkeeper; this is so that you have cover for injuries or illness.

Even at the point where you have your group of keepers I would recommend that all your players still take a turn as goalkeeper, but, you should start to do some specialist keeper work with those who have a flair for the position.

The first thing that you should coach is how they should stand. The best way a player should be standing is with their feet slightly apart, about shoulder width. Their arms should be raised up around the chest with their fingers slightly open.They should be moderately crouching forward so that their body weight is over their knees, which should mean that they are in a good position to jump. Ideally, your keeper should practice moving around in this position, forwards and backwards,

How To Be More Confident On The Basketball Court

If you’re not confident in your game you won’t be able to achieve your full potential.

So, how do you become more confident on the basketball court?

Well, there are a couple ways to become a more confident player on the basketball court and right now I’m going to reveal one of the best ways to do it.

Increase your knowledge.

Learn and understand the sport of basketball inside out. Understand your role and your skill set and become a master at what you do.

For example, if you’re a shooting guard, you need to know everything there is to know about being an “excellent” shooting guard. Study the excellent shooting guards like, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Allen Iverson, and the many other great professional shooting guards.

Study the moves of the greats, study their mentalities and apply what they do to your own situation. You need to become so knowledgeable of your basketball position that you could teach a class if you wanted to. Read books, read articles, and watch videos that will help you increase your knowledge on the sport of basketball.

Once, you begin to understand

A Daily Exercise Routine You Can Start Doing to Cure Your Jumper’s Knee

Jumper’s knee can be very difficult to get rid of.

If you go to an orthopedist they will tell you to do things such as, wear a jumper’s knee strap, ice your knees, and stretch. He/she might even give you a list of exercises to do to help cure your jumper’s knee but they don’t actually give you a workout plan that you can use on a daily basis.

I’ve suffered from jumper’s knee for five years and I actually still suffer from it to this day.

After years of frustration, I have finally figured out a way to keep it under control and if I had the patience I could probably get rid of my jumper’s knee completely in the next 3 months.

I don’t have the patience to sit down for 3 straight months without playing any basketball or participating in any athletic activity. However, I decided I’m going to discipline myself and rest my knee for the next 3 months even though I really don’t want to do it.

Anyway, let me show you the exercise routine I use to minimize the pain I feel in my patellar tendon.

15 Extra Things To Do If You Play a Non-Revenue Sport in High School and You Want to Play in College

In college there are only (2) revenue generating sports: football and men’s basketball. Everything else is a financial drain on the athletic department and the university. Most high school and college athletes play in non-revenue sports (NRS). If you play soccer, volleyball, field hockey, women’s basketball, lacrosse, baseball, softball, golf, or tennis; or you swim, run, wrestle; or compete in gymnastics you must go the extra distance to be noticed by coaches.

If you play a non-revenue sport (NRS), you know from experience that most spectators at the event are immediate friends and family. Attending an NRS sporting event is not usually considered a social event which draws large crowds. Also, the paid attendance is very small or in many cases there is no admission charge. It’s not much different in college.

Some schools have eliminated many non-revenue sports to help close the budget gap and those that remain have limited recruiting budgets. If you play an NRS in high school and you want to play sports in college, you must be cognizant of your situation and the coaches’ situation.

  • Coaches will probably not come to see you play in your high school game
  • Results

Writing Opportunities for Fans of the World Cup

While every soccer fan cannot be in Brazil for the World Cup tournament, there are many writing opportunities to keep the energy and festivities alive and full of flavor. Fans however, can still show their support by sporting the colors of their favorite team, wearing paraphernalia of their favorite players and eating popular foods indicative of the countries represented at the World Cup.

The FIFA World Cup, commonly known as the World Cup, is played every four years for the men’s and women’s teams. Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) or in English translation, the International Federation of Football Association is the international governing body of association football, beach soccer and futsal. This organization, with headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland is responsible for the famous World Cup.

Finding writing opportunities to cover the scope of the World Cup event presents a wide spectrum of topics when applied with a little creative savoir-faire. Understanding that only one team will walk away with the coveted championship does not mean that the other teams are something to simply sneeze at. While cheering for your favorite team, here are some writing prospects to consider that will help to keep the

Ball Handling Drills That Will Make You Unstoppable

There is one skill that you need if you want to be unstoppable.

No it’s not the ability to dunk, or the ability to shoot the lights out, but actually it is the ability to dribble the basketball against tough defense.

You see, dunking the basketball is great, but you need the ball handling ability to get to the basket in order to dunk.

Shooting the lights out is great, but there will be times when the defense is so good that you won’t be able to catch and shoot, instead, you will need the ball handling ability to create your own shot.

So, the question is, what ball handling drills should you be doing to develop unstoppable ball handling ability?

Well, there are hundreds of drills that you can do to improve your ball handling, but I’m going to give you three stationary drills that you can start doing now, and if you master them, you will have some crazy handles.

The first drill is a simple, but beneficial drill called, the Hundred Dribble Drill. You start out with your left hand behind your back, and then you dribble the

How to Increase Your Volume Without Yelling

When you increase your volume, does your throat hurt? If you root for your favorite sports team, is your voice hoarse the next day? Perhaps you have no voice by the next day. All three of these situations are known as vocal abuse. If any of these scenarios sound familiar, then you are not increasing your volume correctly.

Yelling or shouting to be heard means that you are pushing your voice from your throat. It also means that you are raising your pitch which results in a harsh quality. When you push your voice over an extended period of time in this manner, you can do serious damage to your vocal cords especially as you age.

The other problem with yelling or shouting is that it hurts your listeners’ ears. I once listened to a ‘professional speaker’ who pushed his voice so loudly, that many of us in the audience got up and left. To yell or shout without a microphone is unpleasant. To yell or shout with a microphone is painful to your listeners’ ears!

Have you ever had a conversation with someone over the phone whose voice was so loud that you

Five Tips on How to Become a Successful Sports Coach

There are a number of articles and websites that discuss what you need to do to become a successful sports coach but ultimately it comes down to you. You decide how you move forward in your coaching career. The five tips below are there to help you reflect on your current practice and when reading them, try and think of ideas that will ultimately benefit you and your athlete/s.


Variance is a key factor to learning and maintaining motivation. If your athletes turn up to the same warm up and the same practice drill every day they will start to feel like training is a chore. Try and have a set of different warm ups and try something new now and then. By doing this your athletes will enjoy the new experience and also feel more motivated. If you are one of those who do the same warm up every day then try something new and I am confident your athletes will notice.

Know your athletes

I don’t mean find out what they like to watch at the cinema or what food they like, I am on about what signs do they